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5410 Rail Road Street
Lacarne, Ohio 43439
419-341-7647 (cell)

Email: bbqtraveler@cros.net



Bar-B-Que Traveler

Bill W Sr. & Don Holt started Bar-B-Que Traveler in 1982. They started with one cooker (they named Big Bertha). 3 years later they addded a second machine "Lil-LuLu" and second truck to handle the increase in business.

The business continued to grow throughout the years to the point that Bill Sr. retired from his regular job at Uniroyal and began spending all his time with Bar-B-Que Traveler. After that the business grew to the point that Bill purchased a 5 acre farm in LaCarne, Ohio & built the building that we are in now. Bill Jr. & his family worked many hours especially during the summer months with Bar-B-Que Traveler. In 1993 Bonnie Bolyard came aboard. In 2001 Duepree "Super Dueper" and LuAnne Pitts (daughter of Bill Sr.) moved to Ohio to work in the family business. Before the move they and their three children had been spending their vacations here helping out with busy BBQ weekends and enjoying alot of what this beautiful area has to offer.

Other machines & equipment were purchased through the years. We now have 6 stainless steel moble cookers and various trucks & vans to handle the more than 80,000 people we served in 2005!

All of our machines have names — Big Bertha, "Lil" LuLu, Gravel Gertie, Blazin' Billy, Super Dueper & Indiana Jones.


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